Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Precious Little Doll

Okay, in person it's really cute, but I am the world's worst photographer in perfect conditions. This is a metal paper doll homage to Keith LoBue. The face is that photocopy-and-iron transfer process of a photo I took of Keith when I did Precious Little in 2003 - doesn't show up here. The body is a smashed and cut maple sugar mold. The crown, procaliming "sage" is a bit of a rusty spice container I've been saving for a couple of years. The breast plate is a rusty bottle cap, found in a scrounge session in the alley behind my husband's store, as were the hands. His magic wand is a mica star on twisted wire. The whole thing is wired together - no glue, cold connections. He has a lovely rusty bolt for a neck and bits of copper mesh for wings and the stripes on his legs.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Art Teachers

That's our fearless leader, Tracy Isom , on the left. The Flower lady is Janice Cain, tree farmer, master gardener in the making AND art teacher.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Week of Shirking

Here are all 7 of my dolls from the past week. I have only shirked the blogging part of this, not the paper doll part. I have had very little time for are because I have spent every spare minute getting ready for our annual district-wide elementary art show. Yup, no time for art because of art. Huh? Court had a big week, winning the 400 meters in her first track meet and scoring a BEYOOTIFUL goal off a wicked spin move in her first Coed travel soccer match. Whit has had a good sports week, too. They are also both playing aau this weekend. ick - i hate aau basketball - it brings out the worst in people.