Friday, June 26, 2009

Monotypes from Arrowmont

Okay. So the class I took last week was called something like "Printmaking for Book Artists", the primary focus being on ways to create images for books and multiple copies of books or images. We did carved stamps - I've done this before but still enjoy it. I made a set of interchangeable leaves, petals and centers and started a doll set with hair, faces and hats. Some of the flower parts work with the doll parts, too. We did the linoleum prints, like the sunflower reduction print in the last post and we did monotypes. To me honest, monotypes have never been too exciting to me. I hate "mono" anything - it means you go to a whole bunch of trouble and get ONE thing. But, surprise, I found a monotype that I liked: the traced "Gaugin" style monotype. I used photocopies from a book of flowers in the library. I varied the process slightly from the way Matt taught it, but it worked out. In the pages above (from a journal I have challenged myself to fill before school starts) the images are some of the photocopies I used.

I made a little book of my monotypes. The monotype is on the left and the ghost is on the right. We used etching ink (oil-based) so I watercolored over the dry prints to give them a little flavor.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Victories, Small and Otherwise

I found my way to Hendersonville, NC without getting lost a single time.
Cheryl and I taught at Random Arts and I think everybody enjoyed it.
I made it to Gatlinburg for my class at Arrowmont.
I conquered the reduction print. See above.

More details later.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Random Arts - June 13

As you've read on Cheryl's blog, we're teaching at Random Arts In Saluda, NC on Saturday, June 13. In my class, we'll be making a Supersized Good Girl. The ones I sell are about 7" tall, but the one we'll make in my class is about 12" tall. I'll have all the bodies presewn, so no worries about sewing for my lovely students. This sample doll is holding a small, properly bound blank journal and a pencil.