Saturday, September 09, 2006

what's up?

I got signed into blogger with no problem tonight, so maybe my problem is "fixed" and I can get back to daily dolls. When the whole computer thing doesn't work, I just get sick of farting around with it and I don't even try to blog.

1. I think Suri Cruise is a little doll.
2. When I read that Jessica Simpson was dating John Mayer, I felt a little ill.
3. But then I saw that he broke up with her, so I felt better.
4. My town just got a little cooler - Starbucks opened yesterday!!!
5. I bought Traci Bautista's book - LOVE it
6. I hate the smell of self tanner.
7. Mona Lisa Smile is on TV
8. Do you remember Julia Stiles in the miniseries The 60's?
9. I bought some new black shoes
10. I want to sew something on the machine, but it's at the studio and I'm at home.

Love ya, miss ya, mean it!

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