Sunday, October 01, 2006

Coffee Doll

Before my coffee cup could find its way into the trash, it became a paper doll. The writing on the side is a quote about art - I think that's what got me to thinking. This is from MY Starbucks, in my town, not a land far, far away, like Bloomington or Indianapolis. I think I shall save all my cups and make a bunch of these to give to my coffee drinkin buddies for xmas ornaments. The only problem is that the coffee spilled over the side a bit, making stains. Next time, I'm going to "dye" the whole cup with a little coffee on a napkin before I add the milk. Oh, yeah, and I stapled the stuff on because of the waxy coating on the inside of the cup. On a "real" one, I'll either use eyelets or sew the stuff on with waxed linen thread.

We spent a 5 hr round trip in the car yesterday going to a soccer match, in which my daughters scored a combined 3 goals and their team won, 8 - 1. Then we hit a couple of malls, one with a great store called Memoirs, that has lots of scrap stuff and really cool paper. I bought some red and green sheets so I can get busy on my holiday cards. I had to get a baby shower gift for a little girl, so I bought the cutest faux leopard coat ever. My girls are into stores like Pac Sun, Wet Seal and Delia's these days. They NEVER wear just jeans and t-shirt, it has to be the whole outfit, shoes, jewelry, purse - the whole shebang.

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