Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm Back and It's August!

Okay, I've been back from New Mexico for a week, but I haven't felt like posting. Just been hanging out with the girls, back-to-school shopping and important stuff like that. Whit turned 16 on Friday. We went to Holiday World - not really for her birthday, but because it fit into our schedule. We had a little get-together for her last night, nothing too fancy, family and friends, lots of laughs. This is my Big Project:

It's my first foray into fondant. This is the second soccer ball cake I've made. I did one when Whit was 10, I think. Those hexagons! Yesterday when I was working on the ball was the only time I ever wished basketball was her #1 sport! Courtney wants either a running-themed cake or a guitar cake. Not for a few months, though.

Tomorrow is the first IHSAA official practice for cross country and soccer. Whit is playing soccer again. She is the returning varsity player with the most experience, so she should have a big year. Court is playing soccer and running cross country. There doesn't look to be too many conflicts. Both will be in high school!

I go back on the 11th; kids on the 12th. I think it's going to be a great year for all of us.

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VintageCate said...

You're making me feel bad. Olivia's 16th birthday is today, and I made her a regular two-layer cake with buttercream frosting, and then spelled out "Liv 16" in red M&Ms. Of course, her favorite sport is fencing, and while I did consider a sword cake, it would have made for very skinny slices, as she does foils.