Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back to normal?

It was sunny and fifty-three degrees here today, so most of the Big Snow & Ice from 2 weeks ago is finally gone. Tomorrow will be the first Monday we have gone to school on time since January 12. Our school corp has a 2-hr delayed start on extremely cold or slightly slick mornings so we can avoid as many outright cancellations as possible. We have not a full 5-day 8 to 3 everyday week since the week of December 8 -12, with bad weather and Christmas break in there. We have had 7 snow days and I hope no more. We have to make them up and I really don't want to be in school in June!

Both Destiny and Jessica are out of the hospital and Destiny is back in school. Jessica will start back sometime this week. It is such a relief to everybody to see them back home.

Art? Do I still do that? yes - here and there. I am nearing completion of my first book of this year's challenge and finding myself asking a lot of questions about what I REALLY think a livre d'artist should be. I talk to myself about the best way to put text into a book ALL THE TIME and I keep coming back to this idea:

What is the benefit of the process? I am trying to get rid of the extraneous, fluffy, show-offy bits and get right to the heart of what the words SAY, not how they are put onto the pages. The way I get the words on the page should only support the message...? What about the overall aesthetic of the piece? See what I mean? never ending

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