Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly World News

Okay, not really "world", but Lawrence County, Indiana. Did you hear about the tornados? Three of my students lost their entire homes - gone, gone, gone! Here is a link to video where two more of my students tell about being caught outside feeding cattle when the tornado hit. http://www.wishtv.com/dpp/weather/Possible_tornado_strikes_Fayetteville_20090308

It was confirmed on Monday that 2 tornados hit the LC. Thank the Good Lord there were no injuries or deaths.

Saturday, my little sister is getting married. She is 19 years younger than me. Same parents and everything, just one of those things. There is another sister between us, two years younger than me. I have had a devil of a time finding something to wear. Something I like, that is. I may have found a decent - as in, I don't throw up in my mouth when I look in the mirror - dress. This is my normal pattern:

1. Big Event coming up
2. I need to look nice. I want to look nice.
3. I browse catalogs, stores, magazines and the internet months and weeks in advance
4. I do not buy anything
5. The last minute arrives
6. I settle for something "okay" that I DO NOT love
7. I am crabby the day of the event because I KNOW I could look better
8. I tell myself it doesn't really matter and get on with the next thing in my life
9. Repeat at next Big Event

Anyway, big corp wide art show next week, which means over 100 pieces of artwork I need to mount, tag and transport to the venue. We hang the show Monday and it opens Monday at 6:00pm. I really don't have time for both things, but I can't get out of either.

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