Monday, March 20, 2006

Mad Clown

No, the clown isn't mad; I am. Boiling mad over, of course, something I can't control. I do not think of myself as being a generally angry person. The things that make me mad are like people in "power" rationalizing stupid decisions to get their own way, other opinions that should have value being marginalized and regular people fronting like they are special and expecting the universe the universe to walk high, wide and handsome around them, and when people give in to the self appointed "special" people. I never park in the fire lane to run in Wal Mart. I put my cart in the cart retrun. I do not cheat in the express line. I count my stuff BEFORE I get in line. Why? I am REGULAR - not special. There is nothing I need inWalmart SO badly that I would block the fire lane. This is the bit about Barney wrecking our country. Remember that song he sang - "special, special, everybody's special" That's a lie - most of us are regular. If everybody was special, special would be the new regular.

Here's to the regular, plain and ordinary. Thank God for ordinary.

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