Sunday, June 25, 2006

so tired

I got home from my week at Arrowmont at about 10pm Friday. I has slept a total of maybe 14 hours for the week...I just can't sleep at that school. It's a combination of being hyperfocused on art and uncomfortable in the heat and the dorm room with people I don't know. I could not wait to get home. Yes, I missed my husband, too.

I felt ok yesterday morning, but felt more and more tired as the day went on. We went shopping for new soccer cleats for our youngest and I just tried to be quiet because I was so out of sorts I was afraid I would say something mean. I skipped lunch and that combined with the sleep deprivation made for a brain busting migraine. I notice as I get older that I am more sensitive with my headaches. I have to have everthing just right to stay pain-free. My head hurt so bad last night that I had a panic attack.

By the grace of God, I survived the night, but I feel lousy today. I managed to get through church and brunch and a load of laundry and I still need to go to the grocery store and get stuff for the girls to take their lunch to British Challengers soccer camp this week. When I was at Penland in '04, Shanna Leino and I were talking about how we are so tired after a craft school session. She said next time we shoud go to a spa for a couple of days before heading home - so true. I feel like I have to be right back into mom mode and I don't feel up to it, but that's really not fair,so I plug along and guzzle coffee.

England won and I am glad. David Beckahm is a work of art.

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