Monday, July 03, 2006


So I couldn't wait any longer and I went - with my mom and sister - to Barnes and Noble. There it was - MY magazine! How exciting! I took a picture of the mag open on the B & N magazine rack and that photo became the body of this doll. On the way to pay for Cloth Paper Scissors, I grabbed the new Somerset Studio, the Paris issue and flipped through it. You'll never guess what! My work was in that one, too. I had submitted a book for the Paris theme way back in February and had no idea it had made it into the magazine. TWO magazines in one day - are you kidding me?

The wings, hem and necklace are all made from a Starbucks coffee cardboard holder thing I got at the B& N Starbucks yesterday. The same hot pink ball fringe that is on the Little Pink House of Cards is on the bottom of the dress. I just love it when artists refer back to their own work in new pieces. Even if it is literal and cheesy.

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