Sunday, January 13, 2008

Keep Chopping

There is a footbal coach, I'm not sure if it's pro or college, who uses that phrase to keep his guys focused on making progress. It's important to keep going forward, throwing off the successes or failures of the past, and devote energy to the things you can influence. Here we are, two weeks into a new year, and I am chopping away. The top photo is my first 6" quilt. I don't love it.
The other pic shows four blocks-in-progress of a quilt that I am going to submit to the Quilts, Inc. Tactile Architecture exhibit. Images are due Feb 15. There will be 10 of the little houses and some other stuff. I hope I get in, but do not expect it.


mom said...

I LOVE the little houses.

Deb Silva said...

Hey Girl,
love that top quilt!