Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weeks One thru Four

Here's The Year In Art so far. I like last week's best. The arm milagro isn't just for decoration. Remember last year at this time I had that tendon problem in my right elbow? It's back and worse. I wake up in the middle night with sharp pains in it and my hand is so weak. It hurts to put on lipstick or pick up anything. Basketball season is almost over. We have been to so many games. Whit has had a good season; Court, not so much. Bad team chemistry. Little sister has had to learn that sometimes for some people, bad behavior is not met with bad consequences. Sometimes, the people in charge let people get away with stuff. And this offends Courtney. The girls are getting antsy for soccer. They are both playing on a U16 boys team.

About Art -
I have to take a couple of college classes once in a while to keep my teaching license up to date. To that end I am taking a 500 level creative writing class that is sucking me dry. I can't make any good art right now. Somtimes I get an idea, but I don't have time to execute anything. I keep telling myself to hang on until after basketball and then I will have some studio time.

Then there's the mini marathon in about 96 days. Training for that, too. With plantar fascitis. From my stupid Crocs. Wore them once and wrecked my heel.

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