Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have you ever been obsessed?

I get that way about certain makers of certain objects from time to time...people like

I have studied with Dan, Keith and Mr. Mann. I met Teesha once in 2003. Yet, I remain my dorky, unchanged self. It appears as though what they have isn't contagious. Would I want it to be?

My latest obsession: The Black Apple - Emily Martin! I have listened to her CraftSanity interview a "few" times and she talks about being on Martha. I followed the Martha link on Miss Emily's blog and found the template she used on the show - for personal use only, of course - and I made a doll:

She's no real Black Apple, but she'll have to do until I can get one of Emily's originals. I love owning things made by people who have It. I never leave the house without at least one piece of Thomas Mann on - yes, I know he's the designer of my pieces, not necessarily the maker - but's his brain and breath. I own one small thing made by Dan. Something from Keith? Well, only the memories of his class "Precious Little". I fear I shall never be of the means to buy anything substantial from Dan or Keith. I bought a rubber stamp directly from Teesha at Art Continuum in 2003. A set of wings I used all the time for a while.

Why has Emily been added to my Little Group of Modern Masters? She's really doing it - making a living (and a life) making art. Her voice and vision are strong and I wish her continued success.


Heidi said...

I went to Emily's blog and plan to follow her. Wow what a huge number for etsy sales. Good for her! I wanted to leave you a comment because I really like the one that you made. I especially like the pink hair and the stitched on heart. Very cool!

ODD imagination said...

Looks like I ought to go and check out Emily's blog since the other artists you listed are also favorites of mine. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...