Friday, May 08, 2009

A Very Rare Species

Something I made for myself. Something I didn't invent on my own. Something I followed to instructions for. Something that is done. Something I like.
This has been the thing missing from my art life ever since we wrote The Book. I haven't been able to just make things without thinking about them in terms of originality and how I could write about them and how to recreate them and if other people could make them or want to make them.
I got Anna Maria Horner's book in maybe was the day of the Martinsville game and it rained and rained. I took it to the game to read during Varsity. My kids were both playing JV that night. It's such a great book and I wanted to make so many of the projects in it. I finally got around to making the "I'll Take One of Everything" bag. I started it last night and finished it this evening. I left off the tassel-y bits on the corners for now. I might add them later. This one is in the brown and warms color family. It really went together pretty easily. The top seams - if you have the book I think they are steps 21 and 22 - were a tad tricky. The pattern contains 2 of of my Sewing Danger Words - Bias and Interfacing - but I gutted it out and did it. When you visit Anna Maria's blog, check out the Flickr groups for all kinds of things made from her patterns and fabrics.
I think I'll carry it to my sister's graduation tomorrow.


Cheryl Prater said...

It's great. I haven't used interfacing since I made one of my maternity outfits. Well done.

Anonymous said...

love the bag and the blackple doll, altough yo tink it's not a real oneI love her!!! Great colors!!!!