Saturday, December 31, 2005

Here's my new wire person. I made a few yesterday with a dress-form body. My husband doesn't like these. He likes the other kind I posted a couple of days ago.

Wow, it's the last day of 2005. I s'pose it was a typical year -some good and some bad and, thankfully, a lot of ordinary.

My top 5 best things of 2005

1. In May at school honor programs, how well the girls did.

2. Thomas Mann workshop at Arrowmont

3. Teaching at Hummingbird in July

4. Getting started on creating my home studio - finally

5. Getting my camera for Christmas

What about the top 5 worst? They were bad, so why bother bringing them up? Besides, they ALL involve other people behaving badly and I really don't think I say unkind (although TRUE) stuff about people here.

What about 2006? I will turn 39. Both of my girls will be teenagers. Whit will start her last year of middle school.Both of my parents will turn 60 - wow, old. (Hi Mom)

The Top 5 Things I Want to Accomplish in 2006

1. Finish home studio and keep it organized.

2. Get rid of all the stuff we have around here that we don't need or use.

3. Make art every day.

4. Get published in a real magazine.

5. Read at least one good book every month.

6. Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Yes, that's 6, but it's my list.

Hapyy New Year.

peace, love and paper,


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Mamaw Patti said...

Hi Debbi
Thanks for telling the world that I'm OLD

See you tomorrow for lunch.Happy New Year.
Love, Mom