Monday, December 12, 2005

Three Dimensional Edible Collage

...otherwise known as Faux Gingerbread Houses. The PTO group in my school wanted to use the art room to make g-bread houses with every kid in the school, but the art room is occupied 4 days a week. So I offered to let the parents come in during art classes this week to do the activity, withthe understanding that there would be LOTS of parent help. It's a very hands on thing and the sight of all the candy and just the outright nolvety of making edible art - a combination for icing-covered disaster. They are using graham crackers for the walls and roof and royal icing made with meringue powder for the glue and TONS of donated candy to decorate. Really cute and really fun. We have quite a few under-privileged kids who probably don't have the funds at home to create something like this, so I'm glad we can provide this opportunity for them.

My husband has a tummy bug - ick and keep your distance, dear.

peace, love and paper

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