Thursday, December 29, 2005

How to Avoid Work

Another day of inventory, another project to get out of it. No, really, I counted most of the day, but I hit a problem in the afternoon and these little rebar wire people were my stress release. They are about 8" tall and made of wire and wire mesh. No glue! The entire body is made from one length of rebar wire, then the hair and clothes are added. They are freestanding. Not the best pic in the world, but i'm still learnin'.

My metal experience is skinny, at best. A little of one semester of my college 3-D studio was spent doing metal and wire. I took a 2-day workshop with Keith LoBue in 2003 and I took a 5 day workshop with Thomas Mann last July.
I guess I like metal because it isn't fussy and it's okay to get your hands dirty and you get to whack stuff with a hammer. It also has relative permanence and I like rust. I'm a cold connection kinda girl, but I often shop for soldering irons, as I would love to make jewelry to sell. Maybe that should be on my 2006 to do list - make some cold connection jewelry to sell. I might do more of the people and sit them out inthe store for sale.

I really want some good pliers.

peace, love and paper and metal,

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