Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Paper Doll No. 39

If you don't know diddly squat about computers and scanners and stuff, this blogging business can drive you crazy. I scanned this doll in and then I COULD NOT find it in the computer!

Le Santino is safe again - but only by the skin of his teeth! I really liked Kara's design tonight. Santino looked fab! With Nick gone, that only leaves me 2 of my original top 3 picks - Chloe and Santino. Now I 'm not sure about Santino. I'm sure about Chloe at this point. She has been consistent all the way thru!

I had a minimally awful experience today that makes me wonder how some kids emotionally survive their childhood. Nothing my kids do - or don't do - is more important than THEY are and I wouldn't want them to ever think otherwise. I hate the way some parents behave if their kids don't "perform". They are people, not trained monkeys.

peace, love and paper,


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