Sunday, February 12, 2006

Paper Doll No. 43

Wow, I 'm doing this early today. I 've been waiting until about 10pm and that's just too late! I have GOT to start getting up earlier to exercise before school instead of struggling to fit something in after school. The girls are super busy right now with soccer and basketball and maintaining straight A's. We have 6 weeks until Spring Break and then it's only 8 weeks until SUMMER! Believe it or not, our summer activities are already shaping up. IU Women's Soccer Camp June 11 - 15, I'll be at Arrowmont June 18-22, British Challengers Soccer Camp June 26 - 30, Hacker's 3 v 3 Soccer and Hummingbird art Camp in July and Whitley will be 14. Oh, yeah, and I will celebrate my "last" birthday in June. From now on, I'm 39 and holdin'.

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