Monday, October 22, 2007

Go Blue!

My Colts are on Monday Night Football. Most of the so-called experts are picking Jacksonville tonight and EVERYBODY is STILL beating the Tom Brady drum for the Superbowl. Grrr. And the Red Sox - somehow- are going the World Series. I was rooting for Cleveland. That's where I met Keith LoBue. What do I have against the Red Sox? They are guilty by association. They share a city with my behated patriots. That's not a typo. They don't deserve a capital P. That's for PEYTON only.

Progress on The Book - The writing is coming along. I am SO glad I have taken notes as I have made stuff. I can't imagine trying to remember how I did stuff.

Whitley has basketball practice at 6:00 am tomorrow. We will be leaving the house at 5:30. She is only worried about getting herself ready for school and looking just so-so. She is a picky one about those things. Courtney's soccer tournament starts tomorrow night at 6:00. One of the big boys on her team has a spell bowl competition tomorrow night and probably won't be there. Makes me a little nervous, but it's a double elim and they play a team they have beaten soundly twice. We shall see. It's supposed to be raining, so it will be a mudfest. Fun. Court loves wallowing around in the mud.

The pic above was taken Saturday at the soccer field.

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