Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Deliver Me from the Super Center Parking Lot

Yes, I shop at Walmart. Why? BECAUSE WE HAVE NO TARGET and it's some kind of requirement for self-respecting Hoosier women. I contend, however, that you are safer crossing the street in the middle of the block in Times Square that you are walking across the parking lot at the super center. You could disappear under the wheels of a giant dually pickup and never be seen again. It seems as though some of my friends and neighbors are unable to see the big white diagonal lines that mark the CROSSWALK. I know it's difficult when you're on the phone and drinkin a mocha-latte-whoopa-chino (thanks for bringing $5 coffees to us country folk, Starbucks), but please, people are gonna get hurt. Pay attention!

thump - thump

That was me stepping down offa my soapbox. I went to the Big W today for groceries. We had a half day of school today and no school Thurs and Fri for fall break. The trees are beginning to blush a little, but it's been warm again this week. Sposed to have storms all day tomorrow.
It looks like I have made all the artwork for my half of the book and now - literally now - I am working on the writing.
Whit finished her soccer season with 11 goals - the team high. The next gal had 6. Court finished 4th in the county-wide meet, despite an injury. Court made the 8th grade basketball team and Whit has tryouts next week. She will either be on the freshman team or JV. The thing about basketball in Indiana is that EVERYBODY is an expert. It's not like soccer, where I still have to explain off sides to somebody three time a match.
Above - my new fabrics from purl soho.

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