Friday, October 26, 2007

I got tagged and I actually played along.

I got tagged by Krista.

1. If you could have the last hour prior to reading this tag again, what would you do differently? I would have made some progress on a little project that is due very soon, like defcon5

2. You can go back in time for exactly one hour, where and at what time in history would you go?
I would split it into two half hours and go back to the half hours right after each one of my daughter's was born. A newborn is a profound thing.

3. You have one hour to make a handmade item, what would you make? I would make a book.

4. If you could lose one bad habit, what would it be?
I would like to stop leaving nearly full cups of coffee all over the house. I get distracted and it gets cold.

5. In less than sixty words, describe your perfect Saturday night.
Cooking my husband's favorite dinner, getting the kitchen cleaned up early, making some art, watching a good movie, like Notting Hill.

6. List sixty things you could do with that extra hour. I could write 60 more words of my book. I don't have extra hours until after The Deadline.

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kimsherrod said...

speaking of deadlines...I emailed pictures to you and Mz Cher- I will mail it over night tomorrow- or can I do 2 day? Let me know what ya think....