Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This Just In

Tomorrow night is the last regular season home game for Whit. As such, it is Senior Night. We just found out that the coach is starting all seniors tomorrow night, I guess kinda as a symbolic thing. I'll tell you what it symbolizes to me - a very upset daughter. Whit has started every match of the season and she is the team's leading scorer. And she is crying over this. She is taking it, however it is intended, like a punishment. She will get into the match, we assume, at some point. Whit has decided to not let her butt touch the actual bench tomorrow night, to be up and ready, like a good soldier, whenever the coach may put her in. They can take her out, but they cannot bench her.

Her little soul needs your prayers for strength and grace in the face of disappointment.

I am now officially a member of Croc Nation. When I saw these and found out you could change the bow, I gave in and finally bought a pair. Whit has the same, but her bows are currently red, white and blue stars. Her high school team is the Stars and the school colors are red, white and blue.


e. beck said...

i'm a croc girl ... big time .... those are extra cute with the bows!

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

I did too - just be careful on slippery surfaces (lines painted on parking lots when wet), and on escalators...