Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Fuss about Daily Art

I have been trying to figure out what my 2008 daily art project will be and cannot come to a conclusion that will stick. I can come up with lots of ideas and think I have it decided, but then I come up with a reason not to do that project. I won't be doing a big journal like this year - too unwieldy. I am thinking of a color limitation in some way and I really want to do something in fabric.
Something I consider on and off is a quilt a month project or a mini quilt a week project. I don't know. I also think I should spend the year drawing. I need to get back to that. I am driving myself nuts and I have other stuff (write a book) that I need to do.
JR thinks I should be working on large scale projects. I have one of those brewing a little, but haven't worked out any details. I Should start a sketchbook for that thing so I can start getting some things on paper.
Next year will be my fifth year of daily art and I want it to be the best yet.


Anonymous said...


I'm sure you've thought about it, but fabric postcards would be a way to do color limitation and fabric on a scale that should be easily doable every day.

I can't imagine doing a quilt a day on any scale ... but maybe I could do postcard size!

Kathleen Loose
Oxford, PA

kimsherrod said...

I have been buying books and working on fabric covers for them. Like Edgar Allen Poe and The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. That is my new thing- I think. They are always different and can be completed faster than a doll quilt- well, depending on the embellishments. If you were doing something large you could always break it down to 12 pieces and then put them together to make a large quilted installation. I want to do something like that. Then put it together at the end of the year and see what it creates.I love grommets too and would use them to connect the sections. Did my new banner load ok for you? I am not sure about the resize I did on the blog. I have a big screen and DSL but don't know about how long it takes on other peoples computers. Let me know. Its a beautiful day here! Hope it is where you are! :P kim

Mom said...


How happy this picture makes me. My Grandma Davis-Grammy Rose-to all you younguns was the soft place I had to land when I was a little girl with nowhere else to go.She was always there for me..usually making quilts.She would be SO proud of you.