Sunday, November 04, 2007

Where are my wings?

I picked up the new ish of Somerset Studio today, after skipping the last one or two. It seems like for the last year the letters to the editor have been full of rants against pointy hats and wings. I wanted to show you a picture of what my 14-year old Courtney looked like when she was a baby, like I did on Whit's birthday, but I couldn't resist this one from her 5th birthday. That's Court - looking you straight in the eye and saying take it or leave it. From the time she knew what the camera was, she posed. She's my supermodel.

This is an icing baby. Courtney and I were playing with the leftover decorating icing from her cake. I drew the face on my finger with a sharpie and drew the hat and blankie with icing.
Say what you will about my Colts and those patriots. Tony Dungy isn't a cheat and Peyton doesn't have a baby momma. Sour grapes? Ya think? They're on special up to the supercenter this evening.
The Amazing Race is back on. It is pretty much the only show we all watch together. JR picks his worst favorites and best favorites right away. When that one lady said the Amazing Race is a love letter to the planet, she lost me.
Speaking of races, Bedford elects a new mayor Tuesday. The Republican and the Independent are both women; the Democrat is a man. I'm voting for the Indpendent Candidate. I have watched and listened to the debates on tv and radio and paid attention to what's going on in town and there is no doubt in my mind that she is the smartest, most articulate and best qualified for the job. It looks like we will have our first woman mayor, in any case. The Democrats aren't even backing their guy; the party hasn't given him a dime.

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linda woods said...

I love the Amazing Race!
Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing the word that most annoys you...I agree with you on that one!