Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I guess I took a little break...

about a month, from posting. It's not that nothing is happening; au contraire, much has happened. This July has been the coolest on record in Indiana, so it doesn't feel like summer. We're not suffering. Weird.

Whitley got her drivers license and now she drives herself and Courtney to cross country in the mornings and soccer in the evenings. I feel kind of lost, not watching the clock for when to take them and when to go get them. That's been like my job since forever. Weird.

Whit went to soccer camps at Ball State and DePauw. She got MVP at Ball State. Court did a couple of Jr Olympic meets and did well. I've had Court to see a couple of docs about the sleepy foot she is still battling when she runs distance. We have a real diagnosis from no less than the Colts team doctor - she has exertional compartment syndrome and will surgery to fix it.

JR rescued a tiny abandoned kitten from the Jaws of Death ( the dog catcher - and the animal shelter here is a kill shelter) and let me bring it home. He's a guy and it's a kitten. It was quite a surprise. I named him Santino and he's asleep on the couch.

I have a article in the upcoming Sept/Oct ish of Cloth Paper Scissors. Look for it early next month.

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