Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Real World and Laguna Beach

...the guilty pleasures of MTV. Yes, I watch them. No, I do not allow my kids to watch them. My best Real World was the one with Pedro and Puck. I think the first one I watched was the one with cowboy John - San Diego maybe? Couldn't stand to watch the season with Coral. Wasn't crazy about last season and to be truthful, this season is a little difficult to watch. Maybe I'm just over it. Laguna Beach - complete waste of time - but I watch it. How in the world did Jason manage to date every single girl on the show without them figuring out he was just, as they say, a player? He's not even that cute, so he wasn't livin' on looks and charm.

I am getting a new 'do tomorrow after school

Root canal Thursday - Yikes

Art museum on Friday

Basketball on Saturday

The furnace isn't working right

The truck got hit at Lowe's


peace, love and paper,

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