Saturday, November 19, 2005

Root Canals and Art

So I had my root canal on Thursday, my second one ever and hopefully last. It's those tiny little files that they use to clean out the root - scar-y! After the first one, I had lots of pain and felt lousy for about a week. This one hurts, too. I hate taking the pain med, but it does it's job.

Now for art...Went to the museum yesterday. Saw an exhibit of Arts and Crafts. It was OK, but I was with my art pals, so the company was good. We ate at Puck's, which was delish.

I hope I get a digital camera for xmas so I can start putting pics in this thing.

It's almost Thanksgiving week. I have so muchto be thankful for, but the best thing has got to be that I was born in a time and place where women aren't limited and that my two daughters are growing up in a world where nobody tells them they can't do something because they are girls.

peace, love and paper,

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