Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Saving Private Ryan

This movie is TNT right now. My biggest problem with it is that I like Tom Hanks, but I dislike Matt Damon, so I can't see Tom getting killed saving Matt. I do not like Matt Damon for three reasons.
1. He broke up with Minnie Driver ON Oprah
2. He played a guy that was mean to Brendan Frasier in the film School Ties
3. He got as Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting...since when does proving that you can use the really bad word as all eight parts of speech constitute good writing?

On the other hand I like Tom Hanks because I remember him on Bosom Buddies, when he was young and skinny and because he is so willing to go the distance physically to play a role. It's hard to believe that Forrest Gump is the same guy talking to volleyball or playing a giant keyboard with his feet.I'm pretty sure Matt is only qualified to play 20-something smart-mouthed cutie-pies.

Root Canal Tomorrow!

peace, love and paper,

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