Saturday, December 23, 2006


It's about an hour before christmas eve and I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off - what's wrong? I have baked my last 12 or so dozen cookies for the year and iced and decorated with Courtney's help. I will take some to our friends, the Wongs tomorrow at lunch. We have church at 10:00, lunch reservations at the Wong's restaurant at 11:30 with my husbands clan to celebrate his mom and dad's anny - 45 years. Our Colts kick off at 1:00 or so, but I think the girls and I are going to do some rubbernecking at the last minute shoppers at the supercenter - entertainment in a small town. We have to be at my mom and dad's at 5:00 for dinner and gifts. I will post a pic of my mom's gift - which I made and I want to keep - later. Mom reads this sometimes. Christmas morning we have presents at home with the girls, then to my husband's granny in Martin County at mid day, his mom and dad's at night. I sewed up 6 dolls today that I can turn and stuff and embellish over the next couple of days while sitting and visiting with the kin.

I already got a set of bright pink luggage becasue my husband didn't want to wrap it. I'm probably getting the new Gwen Stefani CD, but I don't know what else.

Whatever it is that you want, I hope you get it!

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