Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my best gift

My husband, J.R., had these made for me for xmas. It's my cover and the little pink house from CPS printed onto metal plates and mounted on wooden plaques to hang on the wall, trophy style.

The year of paper dolls is almost over - whew! I spent about an hour in the studio today working on my art journal for next year. It's 11" x 14", about 3" thick. I'm doing a crazy patch fabric cover with clear vinyl pockets for ATC's, maybe.

I have fininshed 3 more Kendrick dolls, 3 more are stuffed and ready to decorate. I am thinking about hanging them on my stairway wall.

It's always a surprise where blogger will put a picture for me. The first picture is the purse I made my mom. It has pink faux fur lining. She gave me a big, juicy Kathy van Zeeland bag. It's red and has lots of bang-danglies and dodads. I think it will also double as a door stop.

1 comment:

cheryl prater said...

I think JR was your best gift yet.

Also: A good bunch of bang-danglies are second only to a good homage. (Are they anything like doo-lollies or hooba-jubes? Just wondering.)