Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wind it up

That song is so stuck in my head. Let the beat wind you up and don't stop til your time is up. Haven't made a doll yet today, but I will tell youwhat I did do today - I fell down, hard, on the sidewalk, out in public, and I hurt myself, both knees, my right hand and my pride. I have done a crazy thing. I have signed up with a group here in town to train for the Indy 500 mini marathon. Our official first group workout is Monday, but I have been hitting the pavement - literally, today - this week a little extra since I am out of school. I was trotting along and tripped over an uneven bit in the sidewalk. I thought I was going to catch myself. I did not stop to look at the damage and I had Whit's pod in my ears so I couldn't hear if anybody hooted at me. My girls are doing the mini too, but they are natural athletes, like their Dad. I am not. I am a natural maker of things, not runner of races. I just needed a good kick in the seat to get back in shape. The guy leading the group is a marathoner/triathlete/machine and our eye doctor. I think he will be encouraging and nice and not make fun of the clumsy art lady. We shall see. I am thinking of keeping a workout and diet log in this blog or starting a new one to document my success - I am not even entertaining the thought of failure. I did decide something, though. I don't have to be a superstar at this. I am thinking about this like when I teach an adult art class. I really just want people to embrace their OWN creativity and take ownership of their process and have independent art thoughts - I don't care what their stuff looks like. I don't expect my students to all be artists. I am not going to expect to turn myself into a champion runner. Good enough is good enough in this case.

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