Saturday, December 16, 2006

My kids and my pink tree

This the bookcase you see when you walk into my front door. The pink tree was 50%off at Hobby Lobby back in October. It's one of 3 three trees we have up this year. In the foreground you can see a couple of Katie Kendrick style dolls I made today. There are a few of my cushier books in the mix, as well as a poppet doll from Claudine's second book and some ceramic mice I have owned since I was a baby.
These are my daughters last nite, ready for their dress up dance. I know they're mine and it's not polite to say so, but I think they are so cute!


cheryl prater said...

Debbi: Your girls are the cutest dolls I've seen you make yet. I hope you and hubby have an electric fence around the perimeter of your lot. Wow. They are so adorable AND their personalities shine right through the picture. (Toosu, toosu - insert Greek spitting noise here) Didn't want to give them the evil eye.

cheryl prater said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I bought the identical tree in Sally Jean blue yesterday.