Monday, March 10, 2008

Breathing Again

I feel like I'm able to breathe again! I didn't realize how many things I had going on until, one by one, I see them ending. I think The Book is officially written and rewritten and tidied up, thanks to Darlene. We didn't email a single time today. I hope I get to work with her again. Yes, I'm saying that I want to do another book. I loved the entire process! Thinking of projects, making them for the first time ever in the world, writing the instructions; I love that stuff. It was like writing complicated lesson plans. And it's March. The month of Spring, Spring Break, Easter and the beginning of soccer season. And more light. I've missed the sun terribly.

This is the canvas book I'll be teaching at MIU in Chicago. I will be demo-ing these little beauties in Open Studios, too. I'm working on a bunch of variations. That's another thing - I am ON FIRE to make stuff. I designed and made an entire 6 x 6 x 12 fabric box in one day (Saturday) to house my year-long project 6 x 6 quilts. I'll show ya that later.

This is from a couple of weeks ago, I think. This one might be my favorite, so far. It's called "Walt Whitman" because I read something for my creative writing class where the author quoted him and Courtney was studying "Oh Captain" in literature. She informed me that it wasn't about a ship at all. So he was on my mind. "I contain multitudes" is the quote that keeps running thru my brain, like the last song I hear on the radio before I get out of the car at school. Hey, Uncle Walt, leave me alone for a minute, will ya?

I think this is the only finished quilt I haven't shown you yet. That orange, shiny thing in the middle is a leftover hunk of paper fabric -CPS Issue 1-that I made for the True Colors challenge for Chicago. I made a totally orange quilt, very Heatherette inspired. Found out Friday - I'M IN! It was one of the most fun (funnest) things I've made in a long time. It turned out better than I envisioned. I rarely like things I make. I can't show it to you, though. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

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Lori E said...

Would you send an ember my way? While you are on fire, I am COLD, COLD, COLD! I got nuthin' these days...I need inspiration. Looking forward to seeing you at Arrowmont in June!