Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Spring Break!

1. We are watching the most frightening show on TV - JOHN AND KATE PLUS EIGHT. Why doesn't this show have one of those viewer warnings at the beginning? Something like:

The following program contains graphic images of a control freak mom, her Swiffer and her brood of eight in various stages of potty training. Scenes featuring the dad may incite rage in otherwise calm individuals. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tonight they went to the Crayola factory. They went to the hands on part of the factory where the kids could make projects with Crayola crayons, markers, clay and stuff. Kate told them they could only do crayon things. No markers or paint or other "crazy" stuff. She told those tiny littles that they had better not get anything on their clothes. Whoo hoo - fun mommy.

And the dad? Not exactly a ball of fire, that one.

2. It has been snowing on and off for the last two days. Winter backlash.

3. Got the Studio Ish of CPS today. Kim Sherrod has a lovely article in there. And I live in Indianapolis.

4. Went to Bloomington today. Hobby Lobby has HPP and I needed to get a couple of things for some step outs for The Book. The girls found a few spring tops at the mall - all cute and on sale.

5. The latest Courtneyism- we were at Burger King and she was reading her cup. It has a long essay on the back about the wonders of choosing your own drink, blah, blah, blah. I heard her say "top secret fascination" . What?

She was reading a sentence that says something about..." you can have your top securely fastened or go without a lid..." .

6. The Book is on Amazon. It's real. It's happening. Cheryl and I have not been on the premier episode of "Punk'd: Mixed Media Style".

7. Yesterday, I tried to read a book for fun. The Secret Life of Bees. Could not do it. Creative Writing has eaten the reading-for-fun part of my brain.

8. I have not had a Spring Break Starbucks yet. Maybe tomorrow. The girls are working at the shop the next few days to make some $$ for IU soccer camp. Tomorrow is Big Cleaning Day for me. I have this fantasy that I can get all the step out artwork done by Wednesday afternoon and in the mail. Maybe it's a dare, not a fantasy. Hmm.
9. That is an old picture. I am cold and it is about New Mexico, which sounds warm to me.