Friday, April 18, 2008


And a happy Friday to you, too! What a rude awakening we had this morning at a little after 5:30. My husband said, "What was THAT?" And I'm like, "It's an earthquake." Totally calm. Nothing damaged.

I am in complete disbelief that Chicago was an entire week ago. The Series of Fourteen and Accompanying Display Piece is almost done! I keep coming up with more and better ideas for it. Need to quit and call it done. Maybe begin on the 2.0 version. Nope. I have a few other projects to chew thru first. Speaking of projects, I haven't been showing you my dreaded 6" quilts. Not into it. Still doing it, but not into it.
The Series of Fourteen has really challenged me to create content in the books. I used to think that my books had to be transcendent on purpose...that I had to come up with some Grand Truth and share it. I have recently decided that it's not the case. I have decided to say whatever I need to say without worrying over it's importance. It will resonate with some, not with others. Some people like Nicholas Sparks; some people like Henry James.
My hills and hollers have started to wake up green this week. I took a few snaps for one of the books. The next photo is a limestone bench. I love the swag and tassle detail. The last picture is the "logo" for a retirement party. I made it for the centerpieces, t-shirts and buttons for the guests. They are two ladies I teach with. They plan to do a lot of shopping in their newfound free time.

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Misc. Muse said...

Hey- neighbor, when I asked my dh if he felt the earthquake when it quit, he said- Oh I thought you were climbing in bed. NOTTTTTTTTTTT nice. LOL Linda in Lafayette