Saturday, April 05, 2008

Track is wack!

Whit's first high school meet was Tuesday and it was fa-reezing! She didn't own navy compression tights. Could not wear her blacks because of uniform color. She did 4 events, was a nervous wreck and had a mini meltdown. My feet did not feel warm until 5:30 Wednesday morning.

We spent Wednesday evening searching Bloomington for the above-mentioned navy blue compression tights, size extra small. I was NOT going to have her suffering cold again! Found 'em finally, with one small problem - they only had mens. The extra small worked okay and Thursday night's meet went much better!

Today, all three of us ran a 15k - 9 point sumthin miles! The girls were fast and I was faster than usual. I take that as a good sign for the way things will go in the upcoming week.

Art Show Monday - set up all day, visit with parents in the evening for a few hours. Assorted track meets and practices, a couple of soccer trainings and two matches.

CHICAGO FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!! I am getting all my kits ready for my MIU class and scrambling around, but I know it will all get done and everything will be fine.

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