Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Book

I had read about this book a couple of times, but did not intend to buy it. It sounded silly and I do not need another diet book to join Jorge Cruise, Dr. Phil, Dr. Ian and Bob Green on the shelf. THEN I found the Craftsanity podcast on Itunes. I listened to lots of episodes before listening to Janice. I didn't want to listen to a diet show. Boring.

And what if she was right?

I finally listened to her. Janice Taylor is funny, bright, kinda irreverent and right on the money. I got the book. Our Lady will never see Dr. Phil's book shelf. Every diet book I've ever read makes sense, but they never resonate with me. That's because I've never read a diet book written by an artist.

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quiltcrazygal said...

Thanks for sharing "Our Lady of Weight Loss", I went to the website and I really find it inspiring. I also love the skirt you made. Yes, once you are 40 I believe you can wear what you want and say what is on your mind:) Thanks for the inspiration. I enjoy your blog and meeting you in Chicago. Jenna Louise

Deb Silva said...

Janice is just as great in person as she is in print - when i found her book a couple of years ago, i wrote to her and next thing i know she was on the phone! Funny, warm, bright and genuine, she's a real find!