Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The new Quilting Arts was in my mailbox today! Look on page 74 for my True Colors challenge quilt.

I saw David Cook on Regis this morning. He went on a date with Kimberly Caldwell. Remember her from season two about a million years ago? Sorry, Cheryl, I think she's the president of Cougars for Cook.

I just read that Jessica Simpson is dating Jared Leto. ick.


Anonymous said...

Jared Leto left the luxury of the Chateau Marmont
to pick up a mystery woman outside Hollywood's
Rodeway Inn, dubbed the "worst... sorry motel"
in the city, online. After partying at the Chateau
Marmont late on Friday (04Apr08), Leto, who once
dated Cameron Diaz, took a trip to the seedier side
of Hollywood and parked up outside the dingy Sunset
Boulevard stay-over. With his engine running, the friend
stepped out of a nearby car and into the actor's vehicle.
The Chapter 27 star then drove back to his Beverly Hills home
with his mysterious passenger. Actor Jared Leto picking up a
mystery woman outside Hollywood's Rodeway Inn. Los Angeles,
California - 04.04.08 Credit: Hollywood.Tv/WENN
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, USA


random notes said...

Hi Debbi
Loved the article in quilting arts.
What a nice surprise to see your work.And, we missed you here in Saluda. Let's please try and get you and Cheryl back again. Maybe with the release of the book--- big party!
Jane in Saluda at Random Arts