Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nineteen - I think.

I think this the nineteenth weekly six-inch quilt of 2008, which is my fifth (and last?) year of doing Art Every Day. It's no secret that I have stru ggled with this year's daily assignment. I am not proud of what I am producing in this venture. Everything else,my real art, is fine; I am making stuff that I dig. There's the problem, right there. I view my daily art as different than my other art. The daily art is a dare to myself to look a daily challenge in the eye and refuse to blink. I ain't blinked in over 4 years and my mind is beginning to wander.

I liked both the ANTM finalists this time. Glad Whitney won, though. My girls are hooked on that show. MTV runs a marathon of some season every Saturday and they manage to watch at least a few epis. Our David Cook is looking into the abyss and I fear he will win. I thought David A was picked from the gate to win, but now there's all that stuff with his dad. Hmm. Did you see that Survivor last Thursday when those girls chewed Erik up and spit him out and he never saw it coming? It was a beautiful thing.

I still haven't stitched submlimely. Maybe this weekend? IDK - One of my most favorite art teacher colleagues is retiring this year and I am making her a paper doll set with a bunch of crazy costumes of things she might like to do now that she is free - like ballet and riding a Harley. I need to get that done and make a cute case of some sort. AND THEN I want to finally finish my Allison Willoughby skirt in time to wear to the honor program on the last day of school. FIve more kid days, six more teacher days.
New high school soccer coach for the girls. Conditioning starts June 9. That is a good thing. I have a major project planned for myself for summer break, too. I might keep it to myself; I might tell you. We'll see how it goes.
Gas is 3.95 here. HATE that.

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