Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Has Begun

Here is Courtney from her 8th grade honor night last Wednesday. She got 6 academic medals, 4.0 all three years and the scholar athlete award. Whit got the same awards last year. Courtney and McKenzie Isom were the only 2 eighth graders with perfect attendance all three years. What else do they have in common? They are both the children of art teachers. Please God, Anywhere. Anywhere but home with an art teacher.
We are very proud of her. And she looked cute.
Thursday was the last kid day. I don't think anything else happened. Friday, on the other hand, was busy and sad. We had a retirement lunch for my dear friend and colleague, Janice Cain. I hate thinking of our art teacher meetings without her next year. She is always a voice of calm and sanity. I had to close down two art rooms and organize all my materials for next year. I brought home an empty plan book. It would be so cool to start the school year will all my lessons planned.
Saturday and Sunday - regular days. No win for Danica. I did think there might be a throw down after that guy hit her. We'll make a redneck outta her yet! I don't like the other girls for some reason - Sarah and Milka.
Monday - today - I spent the morning disturbing earthworms and rearranging rocks to get the right amount of fung in my schway. I dug up a perrennial bed, got rid of some things, added some new, transplanted some stuff from other places in the yard. In my containers, I went color wild this year - hot pink, red, lavendar, orange, yellow - all together. Then we went to Bloomington. Michaels first - I FINALLY HAVE SOME FLOSS AND HOOPS SO I CAN STITCH SUBLIMELY!!! I bought a bunch of hoops so the girls can get in on the fun, too. I want to start one tonight. Then TJMaxx, Old Navy and Kohls - the girls wated new swimsuits. Both found one that looks really cute. It's easy to look good in a bikini when you are 15 and have a six pack.
We finished up at Sams and Kmart and bought a darling flatscreen for the family room - only 26" - but a good size for the room - with a dvd player. Kind of a present for the girls for doing so well in school this year.
Arrowmont is only two weeks away!

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