Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm going to need your help.

Normally, I do not ask for help in the task of Worry; that's part of my thing -all worry, all the time, all by myself - but THIS is different.
Courtney's cross country team has advanced to the semi-state meet this Saturday, October 25 at 10:30 am. Only the top 6 teams from each semi will advance to the State Finals. Cookie is the first member of our families to advance to a semi-state in any sport. She is only a freshman and full of self-doubt. Her foot is bothering her, too. It gets numb during races. Sometimes after a mile, sometimes after two or three. It's a problem, running with a concrete block for a foot.
All the girls are nervous, but the coach - who is AWESOME - is optimistic. So, dear readers, I would be more than appreciative of any prayer or positive thought you could send our way:
- for courage and confidence
- for speed
- for Mr. Foot to stay awake
- for a safe, pain free race for all the girls
- no regrets, leaving it all on the course
- for STATE
I know some of you are moms and can relate to worrying about our kids and wanting SO BADLY for them to do well, so I thank you in advance.

The thing about the Companion is on the ME website. The publisher has fallen on hard times and is discontinuing the magazine. There goes one of my life goals. Oh well, there's still MARTHA.


Donna said...

I will certainly keep your daughter and the cross country team in my prayers. Thanks for the info on ME. I am going to miss that magazine immensely. I loved it! I am going to the website right now. D~~~~

AnnaVallance said...

A little prayer, good thoughts, and best wishes coming your way.

Mamaw Patti said...

I am so proud of Courtney and Hanna and this whole team,I am praying for the girls to be proud of themselves because we are all sooo proud of them,also I am praying for NO rain,even though JR says it is certainly going to. Please God keep Courtneys foot awake and keep these girls safe and happy throughout the race. But most of all,let this be FUN for them.I love them so much!!!!