Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! Can you believe 2008 only has two months left in it? Wow! Update on Cross Country - the team finished 8th! Only the top 6 teams advanced to State. I took it pretty hard, but Cookie was okay. She is already looking forward to next year.
So soccer and cross are over for this year. Whit broke her own single-season scoring record of 11 goals last year with 13 this year. Basketball started right away. Whit is JV and Varsity; Court is on the freshman team and will probably play some JV, too.
This week has been extremely quiet for us. I think I've cooked dinner five nights this week. I've had time to make stuff -to craft, I guess. I made these 4 little dolls Sunday. The one with the orange skirt is my favorite. I started these in August with the order for the stamps I used for the faces from Invoke Arts. The stamps were Lost In The Mail, so it took a long time to get them. Then I couldn't find an ink pad I liked to stamp with and then I was at the soccer field or cross country course. But I finally made them. After I finished these I decided to make more. Fifity more to be exact. I love doing mindless production type work. Stamp 50 faces. Colored pencil 50 faces. Cut out 50 bodies. Glue stick 50 faces. Sew 10 faces. Sew 10 bodies. Turn 10 bodies. Stuff 10 bodies. Close 10 bodies. Stitch 10 sets of legs. Make 10 skirts. Do 10 hairdos. Decorate 10 bodices. Make 10 sets of wire arms. Glue feet and dip in glitter for shoes. Repeat. What am I going to do with them? I don't know yet. I have a thirst to make A LOT of makeup work for all the weeks this fall when I didn't so much as run the vacuum, much less make stuff.
The face stamp is from

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e.beck.artist said...

very groovy little crafty dolls!