Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it proper?

To give you a link to a favorable review of a Certain Book?

Would two links be pushing it?

Great Big Thanks to Diane and Heather!

A bad photo of a cute witchy paper doll. My scanner is not working and I cannot figure out why, being a nontechnology person. It's not that I don't understand machines or that I fear they are taking over or that I worry about my carbon footprint - I just don't like the darn things. I much prefer Real Human People...and dolls.


e.beck.artist said...

oh! both reviews are super .... congrats!

calamity kim said...

Debbi- I am puzzled by something- I received Cate's book from Interweave Press (and am not in it) and didn't receive your book (which I am in). I have just been patiently waiting but do you think I should ask someone about it? Should I return Cate's book? Who would I email? Anyway- I have been keeping an eye out at Barnes & noble and haven't seen it yet- will you two be doing any signings? Congratulations and I wish you and Cheryl great success with it!