Monday, January 01, 2007

It's here

The first day of 2007, my last day as a CPS cover girl. On the up side, I am being replaced by Cheryl Prater and her supa cool Sixtyopoly game. I wanted to run tp the bookstore today and see my magazine one last time, but I didn't make it. We saw a movie today, as is our longstanding New Year's tradition. We saw We Are Marshall - SO good. I love a good sports movie. Matthew Mc was cute and goofy in this one. Hoosiers, OF COURSE,is the best, but then there's Rudy and Days of Thunder and Remeber the Titans and Talledega Nights and, for a laugh, Blue Chips. Oh yeah, and All the Right Moves.

RMK got the record today. The only thing I hate about that is that it's not at my school.

Yes, I am making art today.

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