Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Paper Doll No. 11

Hey, here's Cute Green Boot Girl for your pre-Project Runway enjoyment. Doll No. 7 is my paper interpretation of last week's challenge and I can't wait to see this week's assignment. Whatever it is, I am sure Le Santino will rock it out and Diana's voice will annoy me and Andre will cry over it. I hope you're all watching PRW!

Don't you just hate it when people are dishonest and get away with it and you take the consequences for playing by the rules?

Maybe I just hate stupid rules. Wait a minute - maybe I hate all rules. I s that why I can't follow a pattern? Are all of us rebels? Whoa, if making a paper doll everyday is rebellion, my life must be pretty boring!

In case you want to make a paper doll, here's the link Also check out Lynne Perrella's site for her Doll Conspiracy.

peace, love and paper,


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