Saturday, January 14, 2006

Paper Doll No.14

I've got this pink and black, faux Frenchy color scheme on my mind. I am working on a couple of submissions for Somerset Studio's call for artwork on theme of "Paris" - the city, not the girl. On of my goals for '06 is to get some work in a real magazine. I feel a little wierd about these submission things for, I think, two reasons:

1. I kinda like to believe in destiny, that the people who are supposed to see my work and dig it, WILL see my work and dig it without me having to say, "See what I made? Do you like it?"

2. What would my book teachers say about Somerset Studio? Would they think it was lame or cool? I've studied with some prolific book artists, who I really admire, respect and look up to. I know they probably don't even remember me, and much less care what I do or don't do artwise, but I STILL wouldn't want them to think I'm cheap.

Maybe these are just excuses not to submit work beacuse I'm afraid of rejection. Aren't you, just a little?

peace, love and paper,


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Wanda said...

Hey, I love the clothing on today's paper doll! In fact, I have a long skirt (although straight, not flaired) made of fabric in that same print. ;)

I say, if you want to get some work in a real magazine, go for it.
1. The magazines ASK for submissions. They are not giving approval, per se, but selecting diverse items to interest and inspire others. If no one submitted work, they'd have pretty dull magazines that no one would want to buy.
2. Why would you care. They are merely human too. LOL! I bet they would love to be 'published' in Somerset Studio. In fact, some of them may already have been at some point. ;)

Have fun, create, and submit some work to any good magazine that asks for it. That's my 2 cents.