Thursday, January 19, 2006

Paper Doll No.19

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school - only 80 more to go!

I fell asleep during PRW last night! I was awake for the assignment and slept on the couch until my hubby woke me up at 10:55 asking if I had watched the show. No, I hadn't, but I got to see the last 5 minutes!

I am STILL a Santino fan. I just admire his conviction to do his thing.

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Wanda said...

I saw two back-to-back episodes of PRW last night. I hadn't seen the show before, and am not sure if these were reruns or not. The one where they formed teams of two and designed an 'office to evening' outfit was the first one. It seems they have so little time to do any of their tasks. I was sooo tired and was going to go to bed after that, but then saw that they were designing a skating outfit for SASHA COHEN!!! in the next episode, so had to stay awake to see that one too. Gosh, Santini's was awful on every level, I thought. Actually I thought he should have been the one to go, but I think his self-confidence and creativity (even though misguided) pulled him through.