Sunday, January 15, 2006

Paper Doll No.15

Our Colts lost! Oh, well, Peyton's only 29, and we'll get 'em next year.

I had a wicked headache all day yesterday, most of last night and again this morning. I finally got rid of it, but the medicine made me a little sleepy, so I haven't done too much of anything today, aside from the paper doll.

The sun is shining thru my window and I just love it. These dark months just put me in such a funk. It's as dark as night when I go to school in the mornings and it's dark outside by 6:00pm. I think my favorite day of the year is the first spring day when I have to put on my sunglasses in the car on the way to school. Then I know for sure I have survived another Indiana winter and summer is on the way.

It's time to start signing up for summer classes and workshops. Check out and

peace, love and paper,

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