Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bird Doodles

Did Billy Ray get kicked off of Dancing With The Stars? Is Ami going to fire Kat? Will Blake survive another cut? WHEN is my Project Runway going to be on again?
I got my hair cut today. Just a trim and reshape. It's the cut Mariska Hargitay has on her milk commercial. She is a recovering short hair girl, too.
We have about 12 days of school left and the kids are getting wound up with the end of the year activities and stuff. This is Teacher Appreciation Week, so we are getting lots of treats at school - Starbucks Gift Card, catered lunches, handmade cards. It's fun. I got the BEST letter from a third grader.
I am starting a slew (5) of new projects. I am making myself finish this bunch of stuff before I make another pair of artjeans. The first of my current projects will be in abird theme. I don't do birds. I feel like I am impersonating an artist who does birds. But I WANT to do birds, so I shall forge ahead with birds. Here are some of the 50 or so bird doodles I have done in the last 2 days.
I think I have recovered from the mini marathon pretty well. It was a totally good experience and I felt SO SO SO blessed to be there - to have the health , the will and the freedom to do it. At the start, I thought about all the women in the world who don't have the freedom to go run a half marathon with their kids and the total support and love of a good husband. My life could not be any better.

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GeorgiePorgie said...

My daughter Cheryl directed me to your blog. Another talented young lady. Cheryl talks about you with great respect, so I have to say hi and tell you good luck with your future endeavors. Cheryl Prater's Mom
(My claim to fame.)